Killex 1L Concentrate


**Not Available In Ontario!!**


The Canadian Gold Standard in Weed Control:

Kills Weeds, Not Your Lawn ™ 

  • Ortho® Killex® 1L Concentrate is known as the original, most effective weed killer in Canada that works every single time. It is a selective weed control and only kills weeds, without damaging grass — guaranteed! 
  • Canadian formulation.
  • Covers 8,800 square feet.
  • Controls over 50 different weeds found in Canadian lawns.

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    • Contain 2,4-D, Dicamba and Mecoprop
    • This particular Killex formulation is specifically designed to work best on turf in the following provinces: Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island. 

    This product currently ships to all Canadian provinces except Ontario and British Columbia.

    Mixing Ratio

    • 7mL (of this version of Killex) per 1L of water to make ready-to-spray mix (roughly one tea spoon of Killex per 1 liter of regular tap water).
    • Higher than 7mL can safely be mixed for tougher weeds without harming grass.

    Weeds Controlled 

    Killex treats over 50 different weeds species - almost every single type of weed found in a Canadian lawn, all without affecting your grass!

    Weed treated by Killex include: dandelions, creeping charlie, clover, thistle, Canadian thistle, knot-weed, shepherd's-purse, violet, poison ivy, plantain, chickweed, black medic, English daisy, curled dock, heal-all,  bed-straw, ragweed, etc.


    • Made on special order for Canadianlawncare Ltd. (parent company of LawnProducts) every 2 weeks - thus guaranteeing fresh stock.

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