WeedOut 1L Concentrate (Original formulation with 2,4-D)


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**Not Available In Ontario!!**

**Not Available In Ontario!!**


  • Highly-effective 2,4-D based selective weed killer.
  • Only treats and eliminates weeds. Does not harm grass.
  • Contains 2,4-D, Mecoprop and Dicamba.
  • Identical formulation as Killex.
  • Eastern-Canadian formulation.

This product currently ships to all Canadian provinces except Ontario and British Columbia.

Mixing Ratio

  • Mix 6mL of WeedOut Concentrate with 1L of clean water.


Bedstraw, Black Medick, Buttercup, Chickweed, Clover, Creeping Charlie (Ground Ivy), Dandelion, Dock, English Daisy, Hawkbit (Fall Dandelion), Heal-All, Knotweed, Ox-eye Daisy, Plantain, Poison Ivy, Ragweed, Ribgrass, Sandwort, Shepherd's-Purse, Speedwells, Stonecrop.

    • Canadian formulation (ideal for types of grasses and weeds found in Ontario, Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia) 
    • Effectively eliminates over 200 types of weeds found in Canadian lawns
    • Guaranteed to not damage grass and 'selectively' eliminates weeds.
    • Contains exact same ingredients as Killex and delivers identical results
    • Cover 8,800 of turf per litre (this listing is for a 1L bottle of concentrate).
    • Recommended over Killex as the ultimate weed control product for Central and Eastern Canada

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