Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping-related questions

Q: Do you ship to all addresses in Quebec, Ontario, B.C., N.S., P.E.I.?
Absolutely! We ship all across Canada, to every single province and city. The cost of shipping is automatically adjusts and calculated based on the distance you input address is from our warehouses (carrying the products you selected are shipping from). 

Q: How long are the shipping times and is the parcel covered by insurance?
Answer: The items ship via Canadapost Expedite Parcel or FedEx Ground/Express with Insurance and Signature-on-deliver from Calgary, Alberta or Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and usually take 3-4 days to reach major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. Transit times are 5 business days for Quebec and up to 7 business days to destinations in Atlantic provinces.
Delivery times can, however, be as a long as 2 weeks within Canada during May, June and July due to the extremely high volume of orders we receive.

Discount-related questions

Q: Can I get a discount/better price if i buy more than 1 bottle?
Answer: Absolutely! We do our best to consider the volume savings (and simply due to economies of scale) when shipping more than one bottle. Here's is the breakdown with respect to any combination of products purchased:
2 to 5 bottles: 5% off the final price;
6 to 11 bottles: 10% off the final price;
12-24 bottles: 15% off the final price;
24 bottles (or more): 20% off the final price;

To get the above discounts, you can either purchase the product at full price via Paypal and we will refund the respective saving back to you (usually automatically) within 48 hours after purchase. Alternatively you can e-mail or call us and request a custom invoice to be e-mailed to you that will already have the discount factored in.

Security-related questions

Q: How secure is your website/ am I covered in any way?
Answer: All our payments are accepted through Paypal and if something happens, for example a parcel not being delievered by our chosen postal carrier, you can contact us and we will send a replacement right away or if you want your money back, you have 45 days to open a case with Paypal and contest the money that way.