Grub B Gon Max Grub Killer by Scotts® — 1.4Kg (Coverage: 1,345 ft² per bag)


Grub B Gon Max Grub Killer by Scotts® 

  • Dead or brown patches in the turf?
  • Turf that easily lifts up and peels back, revealing sorry-looking roots (or none at all)?
  • Dig-holes caused by skunks or raccoons?
  • These symptoms might be your lawn’s cry for help.
  • Answer your lawn, and control the culprit – grubs – with Scotts® Grub B Gon MAX® Grub Killer. This pest control contains a live, soil-borne organism that is effective against a variety of beetle grubs, including June beetles and chafers. 
  • After applying, watering or rainfall releases the active ingredient down into the soil and root zone, right where grubs live. Effective on beetle grubs found in a wide variety of turfgrass types.
  • Coverage: Approx. 1,345 ft² per 1.4Kg bag
  • How to apply to lawn:
    • Apply as a broadcast application to turf grass for control of listed beetle grubs and to prevent their damage to turf grasses. With calibrated granular equipment, uniformly broadcast over the area being treated. Maintain adequate soil moisture before and after application for optimum control of insect pests and healthy turf grass growth. Excessively wet or dry conditions may impact the performance against beetle grubs. Scotts® Grub B Gon MAX® Grub Killer must move to the site of infestation, such as in the root zone of the host plant.
  • Spreader Settings:
    • Scotts® Rotary Spreaders (EdgeGuard® DLX, EdgeGuard® Mini) 3
    • Scotts® Elite Spreader 3 ¾
    • Scotts® Hand-Held Spreaders (manual models) 3
    • Scotts® Wizz® Year-Round Spreader(battery-powered) 3 ½
    • Time to apply:
      • Scotts® Grub B Gon MAX® Grub Killer is effective when applied at label rates to control the listed beetle grubs and prevent their damage to turf. Apply when target insect pests are present. For optimum control, apply from adult flight through egg hatch of the primary insect pest species being targeted.

    • Frequency of applications:
      • Additional applications may be made no earlier than 7 days after the preceding application as long as the annual maximum of 3.36 kg per 100 square metres is not exceeded.
    • Insects controlled by Grub B Gon Max Grub Killer 
      • Scotts® Grub B Gon MAX® Grub Killer controls against:
        • Grubs (larvae) of the annual bluegrass weevil,
        • Asiatic garden beetle,
        • Black turfgrass ataenius,
        • European chafer,
        • Green June beetle,
        • Japanese beetle,
        • May or June beetles,
        • Northern masked chafer,
        • Oriental beetle and southern masked chafer.

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