King Bug & Insect Killer - 500g (Final clearance)


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King Bug & Insect Killer - 500g (Final clearance)

Update (March 30, 2018): ***Please note that this product is on final clearance since a Canada-wide ban on all carbaryl-containing products for use on lawns been instituted***

Active Ingredient: 5% Carbaryl (guaranteed)

Treats: A vast range of lawn and garden insects including grubs, Japanese beetle, European Chafer Fly, Beetles, Caterpillars, Earwigs and many more! Originally designed as a treatment to treat gardens and vegetable plantations, the Carbaryl-containing King Bug Killer is also very popular for use on lawns by homeowners to treat insect problems such as white grubs and chinch bugs.

Application: Apply a thin uniform coat directly to areas of lawn or garden that appear to show damage from insects. If damage is not contained, repeated at 7 to 10 days intervals.

Size: 500g




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