Ortho® Grub-B-Gon Max 1L Attach-and-Spray Concentrate


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*** CLEARANCE PRODUCT ***  Note (June 12, 2017): Pursuant to the Canada-wide ban on all Carbaryl containing insect treatments for lawns, Ortho has unfortunately discontinued production of the extremely effective grub and chinch bug killer Grub-B-Gon Max 1L Attach-and-Spray Concentrates. This listing is for the quick sale of all remaining inventory that we have on hand.  About this product: Ortho® Grub-B-Gon Max 1L Attach-and-Spray Concentrate. SEVIN (carbaryl) based Grub killer by Ortho. Covers approx. 2400 sq. ft.
  • 100% effective against turf damaging insects with guaranteed 22.5% carbaryl
  • Attach and spray package
  • Accurate hose-end applicator mixes product and water automatically - no measuring, no mixing, simply attach and spray
  • For excellent control of grubs, ants, chinch bugs, sod webworms, earwigs, and many other lawn insects
  • Water based formula - will pass through thatch to soil better than solvent-based products
  • For best results with grubs, apply in late July, early August and water into soil

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