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Update as of September 15, 2017: Please note that this listing is part of the final sale of all Carbaryl/SEVIN® based products as they have been banned in Canada. Our stock levels are very low and as of today (having just received our last batch of two cases) we have less than 3 bottles of SEVIN 250mL and 1 bottle of the SEVIN 500mL concentrate left in stock. Similar to GrubOut, as a clearance product, SEVIN is not eligible for quantity discounts but no limit is placed on how much a single customer can purchase.

To view other exact replacement products (also subject to the ban), please go to the Grub Treatments section of our website under the Products tab on the main menu to view the SEVIN (500mL & 250mL concentrate) and AntOut (1L Attach and Spray concentrate) listings or follow the links below:

GrubOut 500mL concentrate listing:


AntOut 1L Attach and Spray concentrate listing:


Product Details:

  • Most effective grub killer for the Canadian market.
  • SEVIN®  is the main active ingredient in all highly effective residential and commerical insect grub killers for turf and laws such as GrubOut, SEVIN T&O, AntOut, among others.
  • Highly effective against surface as well as sub-surface insects.
  • Delivers near- 100% results compared to other less effective means such as nematodes.
  • You may be required by your local authorities/ to obtain a permit to spray once you receive the product from us. 
  • The product provides for excellent control of grubs, ants, chinch bugs, sod webworms, earwigs, and many other lawn insects (such as European Chafe Fly, Leatherjackets, etc)
  • Water based formula - will pass through thatch to soil better than solvent-based products
  • For best results with grubs, apply in late July, early August and water into soil
  • This is the strongest concentration available for SEVIN (500mL concentrate) [same as GrubOut 500mL, also listed on clearance right now) and you would require a sprayer to mix this product to make the ready to spray mix.
  • A brochure containing the mixing instructions is included inside the box and instructions are also provided on the side of the box on how to use, mix and store the product safely.
  • Coverage: While different formulations will be needed for different insects being targeted with the product, this concentrate gives 119 square meters of coverage for grubs (based on recommended mixing amount and blanket spraying of turf)


NOTE: The images for this product have the 500mL version pictured but the 250mL bottle and box of SEVIN look identical, except for the fact that the box is slightly smaller and indicated 250mL instead of 500mL.

Collections: Grub Treatments

Category: grub chemical, grub control, grub killer

Type: Grub Killer

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