WeedEx® Dandelion Bar

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Read-to-use dandelion bar with 2,4-D
  • No mixing, no spills, no drift, no winter storage problems -- WeedEx® simplifies the chore of weed control the way it should be.
  • WeedEx® can be applied selectively only to areas where weeds patches exist -- this beats "broadcast spraying" your lawn where there are no dandelions, and risking damage to adjacent flowers and shrubs.

Controls: Dandelion and most broadleaf weeds.

This product currently ships to all Canadian provinces except Ontario and British Columbia.


Guaranteed: 2,4-D……..14.55 % a.e. (Present as 2,4-D acid) 

Coverage area: 825 sq. meters. / est. 9800 sq. ft.


HOW TO USE: Remove bar from package and bag. Bend sides of tray away from bar and lift out bar. Allow bar to warm up to working temperatures before use. Tie ends of string provided through circular punchouts in cardboard divider. Drag bar slowly over the complete area to be treated. Walk slowly so the bar will not skip or shudder. Do two applications at right angles to each other. Grass may be treated right to the edge near flower beds or trees, but do not touch any bordering plants. Also, please note the following: 

  • Wind, rain and lawn watering will not affect the treatment
  • Apply during active growing season in the spring and again in late summer/early fall
  • For good turf/lawn management, normally two applications per season per site are adequate, realizing that two passes (at right angles) constitutes one application.

WHEN TO USE: For best results apply one to three days after mowing grass, and mow the lawn three to six days after first application. Use in 18° C to 27° C temperatures. Wind, rain and lawn watering will not affect the treatment. Apply during active growing season. Repeat application procedure after second mowing.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: This product is only effective when applied to the leaves of actively growing weeds. This product will not prevent new weeds – apply only when weeds are present. 2,4-D will kill the weeds and roots in about two weeks. Fast and twisted growth of the weeds should appear about one week after treatment. If new weeds germinate from drifting seeds, repeat application when new plants pass grass level.


Protective Clothing: Wear long-sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, and shoes.

Operator Use Precautions: Wash hands before eating, drinking, using tobacco or using the toilet. After treating, wash thoroughly. If pesticide penetrates clothing, remove immediately; then wash contaminated skin thoroughly and shower. Launder contaminated clothing separately before reuse. Do not use on newly seeded lawns. Do not touch bar to flowers, shrubs, trees or other desirable plants. When mowing a treated lawn, do not blow grass cuttings onto flowers or other desirable plants. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store near fertilizers, seed or other pesticides.

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